Work and in what situation it will be in the future is something that many of us are worrying about the present time? Much of these worries come from the anxiety that many of us feeling towards the emerging technologies that seem to rule the future of our jobs in every industry that we know along with its great impact.  The talks about this issue are commonly revolving on how smart machines are becoming and what extraordinary things that they can do which makes everything easier for us.

On the other hand, many are worried that this innovation will obsolete the human labor that might lead to a dystopia where we are jobless.

But then, this is what fuels the growth of our economy which is why we should not think badly of this innovations.  These innovations are what prompts entrepreneurs to create their business which leads to having more jobs for us to grab. When we have a job, we have the power to create than good customers. Our market competition is strengthened by this, thus, productivity is being increased. So as an entrepreneur, you are an avenue for our economy to grow and keep moving upward. But how does an entrepreneur does it? Here are some ways of how entrepreneurs drive such development in our economy.

  • Invest in services or products that are needed. When you are contemplating to start a business, your business should be a response to demands and needs in the market that are not meet. What you should do is to provide an access to some services or goods that are needed by the population in order for them to be productive. In an economic growth, those entrepreneurs that launch new businesses as a response to the market needs are those considered to be the key players.


  • Address the challenges in the environment. Today, there are numerous challenges in the environment that we have to face. Aside from them being numerous, each of these challenges proves to be enormous in nature. There is the climate change, greenhouse gas emission, biodiversity and a lot more.  These problems are what causes the lack of power, water, and other resources we need. Without these things, survival both for humans and the commerce is in a very disadvantageous situation.  That is why there are entrepreneurs who create establishments that provide a reliable access to these things such as electricity and irrigation technology.


  • Provide opportunities for employment. When there is a new business, there is also a need for new employment. These businesses, therefore, create a job that becomes great economic opportunities. This is what supports and uplifts the community in increasing their standard of living the quality of their lives.

Entrepreneurs do not just make changes in their lives, they are also makers of changes in our economy. They are the force that drives the growth in our economy which then provides for our need. Creating your very own business does not only mean to you and the people around you. With the growth that you can provide in the economy, you are as if holding a hand to those people who needs those help that you can provide with becoming a good entrepreneur on your own.