Innovation and creativity are the lifeblood of business. The public likes new things that make their life happier, easier, and fuller. People have been consistently striving to reinvent themselves and be able to attract new customers. However, what should you do when you seem to be stuck without any new ideas?


Online brainstorming through LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a section called “Answers”. You will be able to post a question and be answered by the LinkedIn community with different new ideas being thrown to you. If your business is proprietary and want to be creative, you can ask questions in a more general term. However, the answers will be helpful and you can the brainstorm further by yourself or brainstorm with your team. Find a question that you answer to be given back to the community and see how the others would answer the same question.

Joining a mastermind group

You should think and grow rich. Join or start a mastermind group. When 2 or more like-minded people have gathered to discuss a thing, more and more ideas will flow as compared to when you try to do it alone. To be able to start a mastermind group, you need to invite people in your life who love giving their constructive ideas and opinions, which results to a brainstorming party. When you meet, you can state the outcome that you desire and set the ground rules. Provide an idea and get the ideas bounced back within the team. They may add to it or go off on a totally new tangent. Make sure you would be able to capture the ideas in a mind map, on paper, on video, in a spreadsheet, or anything so that you can capture them.

Going for stuff hunting

This is a really fun idea. There is no need to actually purchase anything. You just have to hunt. Go to a garage sale, antique store, or a flea market. Look at the items and create an image using that item for something aside from its original purpose. Play with it and when you get back to your office, do the same exercise and you will be thrown with lots of ideas.

Taking a class

When you take a class that is totally new to you, you are letting your brain to think in various ways. Seeing the world in a different way is the key to creativity. You can have in any class. As a matter of fact, something that does not have any relation to what you are working on is better. After the class, you can think about what may happen if you applied what you have learned in the class to what you have been working on. See what your brain can come up with and have fun with all the creativity flowing in your brain through this.

The key to all of these innovative tips for your business is to gain a fresh perspective on what you are doing. Let yourself have fun and dream a little. You may become surprised of yourself on how creative you actually are.