Most of the small business start with sole proprietorship but those entrepreneurs who have a vision develop this sole proprietorship and make it into a super power. Now, when you are the only person running the business with few helping hands leadership may not matter a lot. However, it starts mattering the moment you start spreading your wings.

Someone with good leadership quality can the way the business is done, on the other hand if the leadership is not right even a successful business may ruin down. Hence, here are the advantages and disadvantages of leadership to any business and its entrepreneur.


For a successful business every individual working in the organization must be productive. It includes the total hierarchy from the CEO to the management trainee. It is the duty of the leader to bring out the productivity in each employee. A successful leader can do that easily and make their team work for achieving the organizational goals. However, if leadership is not proper then things will become worse and the concern cannot achieve what it expects to do.

Time is money

Leadership is a quality that itself will not work for the organization but will make others work for the concern. Now, sometimes for concerns time is money and the time spend by a leader in making other work may not be fruitful for the concern. Hence, in this sense leadership is not worthwhile.

On the same hand, if proper leadership is not there then workers and employees will be working with no proper direction that is provided to them by a n able leader only.

Clash of personality

This is an adverse situation that any organization may face from their leaders, whichever position they are holding in the organization. If they cannot manage their subordinates and there is clash of personality then such leadership will be totally disadvantageous for the concern. The disagreement in between the managers and the employees may lead to such situation when work is stopped and that will stop the organization from functioning properly.

To conclude it may be said that if leadership is not proper then it may be devastating for the organization. Thus, when someone is developing their business they may also work on their leadership skills.