Scratch cards traveled to Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Maryland. In the year 1995, scratch cards were introduced by National Lottery Commission in UK. The Cards were sold from ten pence to 2 pounds where the maximum price that can be won is about two million. From 1974 until today, scratch cards had successfully traveled around the world. There are even plenty of variations of scratch cards that you can see from any lottery outlets.

Nevertheless, although there are plenty of variations the basic idea still remains the same. They were invented by a computer scientist Jack Koza and Daniel Bower, an expert in retail promotions. It was then in the year 1974 when Koza and Bower formed the Scientific Games Corporation and introduced the scratch cards to the world. The company’s very first client was the Massachusetts Lottery Commission. The lottery games earlier were in a form of a draw and the tickets are sold to the public. The public have to wait for a couple of weeks in order to know the results. It was then when Koza and Bower realized the craving of people for instant results and the scratch cards were born.

The Scratch Card Game

There are plenty of factors that you should pay attention when choosing scratch card and these are as follows:

  • The first thing that you have to pay close attention is the value. You have to remember that there are cards that are worth only some pennies while others are quite expensive.
  • The second thing that you have to pay close attention is the pay table. In the pay table you will find information how much money you can possibly won in case you get the winning combination.
  • And third, you have to choose a scratch card tickets whose themes are more appealing.

Once you have chose scratch cards tickets you have to pay close attention to the number of chances of winning that the tickets can give you. There are existing scratch cards that can give you three to six chances to win while most of them will give you only one. For winning options it is best to choose scratch cards that features more panels to scratch. More panel to scratch the higher your chances in getting the winning combination. With the popularity of the internet these scratch cards can now be played online.

Different gambling websites have introduced these cards along with their other games and gave stunning bonuses and special offers to attract players. The lure of these gabling websites to online gamblers is free cards or free sign up bonus amount to first time players. All players then have the opportunity to use the internet which cards have won prizes and which existing scratch cards still have prizes at stake. The evolution of technology has influence to the evolution of scratch cards. The legitimate and licensed online gambling website offers all these information to prove their dedication to their customers and players and to attract more clients.