Success and wealth is actually the ultimate goal of most individuals. Many wanted to embrace success and rich life in all facets of life. The truth is, to live a rich life is a clear manifestation of people’s success. It is true that everyone wanted to become successful and live a rich life however, many are clueless on how.

The following are the 6 money tips to live a rich life:

  • Go and Buy Coffee from  Barista

Don’t mind that usual advice which makes you feel guilty or stupid for not having your own coffee. There might be some online saving calculators that can help you save money on coffee but experts reveal that this will just depress your mood and make you want to search for something more. If you want to live a rich life, then go and buy coffee from barista. The idea that one needs to deprive themselves to be able to reach financial freedom is silly. Individuals should rethink about conventional financial freedom and begin thinking about themselves and invest in themselves.

  • Write Your Goals Down and Turn  these to an Elevator Pitch

In order to live a rich life, you definitely need to know what this is all about. Experts advised individuals to create three lists, one for the family, the other one for the finances and the last one for fun. State goals for the present year including the near future which can be about 3 to 5 years. Living a rich life means creating your own story and achieving your goals. Becoming rich is no about deprivation.

  • Ask for Raise and then Get It

Experts advise individuals to arm themselves with proof of their excellent performance including their vital contribution for the success of their company. This is one helpful means that they can get salary increase as soon as they demand for it. Keep in mind that timing is everything.

  • Negotiate Your Purchases and Bills and Search for Extra Money by Using your Social Media

It is also a good option to make it a habit to negotiate your bills and purchases. Keep in mind that everything is negotiable and even your money can become so empowering so make sure you have an idea on how much you can actually get off. This money tips can certainly help you live a rich life.

  • Behold New LBD

LBD means Little Budget Diary wherein you can write and track your little luxuries. This can help you keep tabs even on smallest expenditures all throughout the day so that you can figure out where your money goes. You can use diary or notepad and other gadgets that can monitor efficiently.

  • Get Rid of Credit Card Balance

Getting rid of credit card balance is one effective way to help you live a rich life. Take time to pay all those balances if you still have existing ones and upon settling this, get rid of these balances as much as possible.

Follow these tips and you will surely be living and enjoying a rich life.