Traveling makes you happy because even science proves that this is the secret to happiness. Experts have also agreed that the money must be spent on travels. Any extra money you have at the bank account need to be used right away. This is due to the reason that this is really believed as the secret to your happiness.

According to the study conducted at Cornell University, it was found out that spending money on traveling will more likely bring you lasting happiness than on material objects.

The real reason traveling makes you happy is that you present yourself with a personal gift of not becoming sick of the memories. These memories will even make you happier as time passes by.

The physical objects you have bought will bring decreasing amounts of happiness. With traveling experience, you will look back upon with happiness and joy that increases. When you spend lots of money on a dress, a watch and a fancy car, you do not bring yourself with everlasting happiness. Those gadgets you bought will be amazing but later on, you will complain about these craps.

Those who have travelled far and near have known the fact that nothing can compare to traveling. There is nothing that can compare to the happiness of rocking up in a country and exploring it. There is no car or house fancy enough to top the excitement, happiness and thrill of being in a place wherein you cannot speak the language. You also have no idea of the things you must do which bring you more thrill and more fun.

Even though you have had bad travel experiences, talking about these with your friends is good for you. If ever you got poisoned of the foods you eat in Hawaii or a guy ripped you off in Zimbabwe, you may now be laughing of all these stuffs.

That experience of happiness will most be promised to you by traveling. Even if you had experienced nightmare episodes, you will tend to look back upon them. They will still make you smile years and years later.

The good thing is that you do not have to wander around just to become happier. Any of the things you do while you travel will bring you ultimate success. Spending a night at the hotel will bring an amazing experience. Checking off tourism highlights will help and hanging around in a cafe the entire day will bring you satisfaction.

There really is nothing wrong in making this happen. There is only a need to leave home for a while and see the world than just securing ownership over some stuff. Have some fun, eat and then drink. Explore interesting places and enjoy the experience.

Travel is everything. This is love. This is fear. This is joy. This is hate. This is confusion. This is surprise. This also makes you smarter and happier. Spend your money on worthwhile activities like traveling that makes you really happy!