At times, a person comes across the obstacles in his or her life which reduce his or her happiness. These hurdles disrupt one’s road to success. This is called these intellectual map hijackers. A typical hijacker is the negative boss who is trying to encourage and drive productivity by means of intimidation.

There are 2 portions of the human brain that are called the Thinker and the Jerk. The latter has been regarded as the amygdala, which is the most primitive portion of the mind and it is the one responsible for responding to threats. Meanwhile, the other is the prefrontal cortex that aids you in making the best decisions.

Fear becomes a map captor for the reason that if you active the amygdala, the Thinker will shut off. It results to wasting your treasured brain resources on evading that fear rather than pursuing your objectives. Rather than allowing the negativity of your boss from bothering you, search for meaning in your job. It would switch off the Jerk and let the other side of your brain to channel your mind’s complete suite of intelligences to accomplish this objective.

To identify your psychological hijackers, you must write down things which are triggering factors which constantly result to counterproductive behavior. Are there some places or people that allow good and positive habits slip. Once you are done in identifying those negative emotions, you can start replacing them with the positive intellectual map markers.

How Bad, Negative Emotions Sabotage Your Personal Success?

In different ways, negative emotions can even sabotage your success. It can happen through these ways:

  • We can’t selectively disoriented emotion
  • Negative emotions would start to escape in the long run
  • Your physical health would deteriorate
  • Your relationships would weaken
  • Your pursuit of personal development would be stagnant
  • Your behavior would show an inclination to numb
  • You’ll feel powerless while life passes you by

How to Break the Negative Emotions and Thoughts from Disturbing Your Success

Negative emotions throughout your everyday life could have a bad significant effect on your objectives. Such emotions should be put to rest in order to have fun of reaching success. To make it happen, you need to:

  • Avoid being a negative thinker. To avoid it, look for some shades of gray and a few moments of good thinking will result to positive thinking.
  • You have to insert some positive moments in your negative thinking.
  • Jot down what you’ve been thinking negatively and also, write down some things which are far more truthful as to what may take place. When you do it, you’re letting your mind to think clearer.
  • You should avoid generalizing your thoughts.
  • Write down and get reminded of the goals that you have daily.
  • Look at the steps that you take to reach your objective every day.
  • Search for an inspiration.

Getting into the habit of seeing the setbacks as temporary as well as specific instead of being pervasive and permanent is important. It would let you get closer to your objectives. Read the habit and then get started in working on altering your bad habits.