Work-life balance is among the hottest and the latest issues these days. The recently conducted surveys proved that it is on top of the mind of most people. It was revealed that over half of the working parents say that they are struggling with balancing both career and home.

As a matter of fact, the surveys showed that 23% of the hardworking mothers and 46% of the working daddies spend a limited amount of time with their kids. Finding time for family, no matter what you define this, is by far among the most difficult challenges that people can see in their work. Here are some helpful tips to make the most of time with those things or people you love the most:

Kill the Guilt

Despite the shame and stress all about not spending adequate time with your kids, you are actually spending more time with their children than the generations past. A research conducted by the University of California in San Diego, revealed that before the year 1995, mommies were spending an average of twelve hours every week tending to their kids. In 2007, that number increase to 21 hours every week for the college educated lady and 16 hours for people with less education.

The amount of time that fathers spent together with their sons and daughters doubled during these years. Meanwhile, a recent research last year within the Journal of Marriage & Family revealed that the total amount of time that parents spend with their children ages three to eleven, virtually have no relationship to the way children turn out and the minimal impact on teenagers. On the other hand, the quality of time spent with the children made a vital impact.

Create Ritual

There’s a reason why we have traditions and holidays which span millennia and generations. Such rituals and habits provide meaning to our lives and these get us connected to our loved ones and our roots. Traditions could be useful tools as well in scheduling time together which isn’t frittered apart from electronics and homework.

When you’ve appreciated family traditions, invest in turning those things a major aspect of the weekly routine of your family – perhaps a Sunday dinner or attending a Sunday mass. Or, you may invent your rituals and then put energy to make them special.


Whether your loved ones or your family includes kids, spouse, friend, extended family members, neighbors or pets, everybody would be nourished and left with enjoyable and truly unforgettable memories and moments when the feelings are all warm, the food has been tasty and the conversation was made meaningful and the happiness and laughter is abundant.

The balance of your life might sway and change as it is not destined to stay the way it is. The harmony in your life is the fluid expression of your personality. It’s the right time for you to stand up and start doing what you can to avoid feeling guilty about the work-life balance in your life. Get out of your comfort zone and always look for something new.