Since the 17th century, roulette offered mystery, excitement and glamor to the casino goers. This game is very popular in many casinos because the rules of this game are simple and it is easy to play. The roulette is a game from the French word which means little wheel. Wherein in this game, they have a 0 and there are 36 numbers. But at the American tables, they have the “00”. In this game, they have the croupier who sends the small white spinning ball that will land on the number. The players in this game can choose where to place their bets. It can be place on different numbers or it can be place on single number, on the colors black or color red or whether even and odd numbers.

Some Tips on How to Play Roulette

  1. Before you place your bets on the roulette table, where your aim is to earn money, always consider to have the spins on the free table. In this way, you will understand more the roulette game and you will have no doubts n playing the game. When you feel that you already gained the confidence that you need in order to play the roulette, you can start a real play.
  2. As a new player of the game, look for the roulette table that is not too crowded and where the latter is not frequently spin. This tip is very important and if you disregard this, you will understand how frustrating to wait the other gamblers in receiving their payouts.
  3. You should also consider this tip in playing the roulette especially when you play in traditional casinos. There are cases where the wheel gives less odd numbers than even ones or vice versa. Spin the particular wheel for few times for you to see if the wheel is bias or not before you place your bet. Playing at the traditional casinos are more recommended because most of the online casinos are using software roulette.
  4. As a new player of the game, you must understand the basic of the bet categories, the chances and the payouts. You should always place the outside bets such as the even or the odd numbers, the bets on the color, and the low or the high numbers. Because these bets offer lower return but you will have more chance to win the game.
  5. As a new player of the game, be careful in placing your bet. For example, if you placed your bet and you won, but the chips that you have are touching the border and surrounded the numbers, your bet is consider as the split bet. Always remember that not all your bets are rewarding as the straight up bet you will pay 17-1.

But in case other players already positioned their chip on the same number that you want to bet, you                can place you chips on the top of others. If the number loses, all chips will be surrender to the house. But if the number that you bet is spun, the dealer can distinguish the chips through its colors and he will pay the players.