Anybody wants to be successful whether it is on being an athlete, an employee or your personal career. However, you should have a good behavior and character to reach success. This could be done if you follow the two sets of three rules or Two Sets of Three.

Never Lie. Never Cheat. Never Steal.

These are simple to understand and you capable to do these every day. A life driven by the Two Sets of Three is a life that would give you success. Think about this, one of the first things anyone whom you made partnership with is “Can I trust you?” Creating a relationship or partnership with people such as your friends, co-workers or fellow athletes need to have to have the ingredient of trust in it. You should have the behavior of being trustworthy so that people would work with it you.

The Pyramid of Success of Coach Wooden has the Two Sets of Three. It gives a good example of the behavior that you should have. Anyone could be offered the rule of not lying or asked if he or she could be trusted. However, it would depend on the person if he or she were capable to do it. The great thing about this is you have the chance to model after the rules. Some might find a difficult way of doing it due to their old habits or defensive character but with the right push and determination, you would reach success.

Let us say you are a team leader. How will you act like one? A simple thing to do is follow the Two Sets of Three Rules. However, you are not only going to follow it but be a model of it everyday day. This would make a difference in your life together with the people around you. A good leader is a good role model. People will not only admire you but also influence to follow the things you are doing. Thus, you not only made a great change in your life but with the lives of others as well.

The Pyramid of Success has also set character traits to help in making life a successful one. These are referred to as the mortar of the pyramid. It contributes to a person’s good character.

  • Integrity (purity of intention)
  • Reliability (creates respect)
  • Honesty (in thought and action)
  • Sincerity (keeps friends)

A person who is drive by these traits would have an edge in reaching success. You should have the integrity to work with a person. This would strengthen your relationship with him or her. The reliability creates respect to the other person. Hence, he or she would rely on you and would respect you. Being honest would give you added points for them to give you their trust together with a close partnership. In addition, you have to keep in mind of the sincerity trait. This would give you right mindset to reach success. Who knows, many people would follow you and do the same thing. That would be a good one to see.