Do you still remember your first day in your present job? Did you also feel that certain feeling just like the early stages of dating? Landing a job for the first time or working on a new company for the first time will always make you excited and motivated.

However, there can come a point in your life, let us say after a couple of years, you might just wake up not feeling the same motivation and passion for work that you used to have before. If this is a problem you are currently in, here are 6 easy tricks for you to fall in love with your job again:

Take a Step Back

You really do not have love it. You just have to fall in love to the idea of working on your job over again. There is a saying that says, “You can rest but you can never quit”. This is not only applicable to work, right? At some points in our lives, we have experienced being tired of the same old routine that we just want to quit but we cannot. Same with work, we get tired and feel lack of motivation. Just rest and take a break if you do not feel like working for several days.

Envision Happiness

Remember the last time that you felt happy about and at your work. Can you imagine what you love to do with your life and your time? If it is not your current work, it is fine. But do not ignore the idea that it might be your current work that you love doing. Envision happiness at your workplace.

Ask for What You Want

Ask yourself what you really want and have the courage to talk to your boss and share your feelings. If you need a flexible schedule or an increase to your salary, ask for it. If you are thinking of quitting, ask yourself what you are going lose.

Do Real Work First

Protect your time and your schedule by doing the important parts of your job first. If you are burdened of being bombarded with a lot of work at the end of the day, you are most likely to quit your job but if you just balance your time and have more focus, you can do it efficiently.

Fix Your Pain Points

If you are not liking the environment of your office, your daily assignments, or anything that pains you at your workplace, be honest about it. You never know, maybe a co-worker also want to say it but is just too shy to open up. Fix your pain points and encourage change inside your office for the mood and motivation to return in you.

Change What You Can Control

This would probably be your attitude towards work. You know yourself more than anyone. Perhaps you lost your love for your work due to your own attitude. Why not try to change? You have the power to change what you can control and that is yourself and your attitude. Do not let emotions and frustrations rule over you.