If you’re just in the middle of running and launching a startup, you will probably not enjoy the availability of resources in that moment, as the tools you need to start your business are still expensive for your budget. But, there are online services, applications and tools that all entrepreneurs should have and know about.

These tools can help every small business owner in many different aspects of startups. To learn more about those tools, read on the following:

  1. Dropbox

This is one of the most important tools every entrepreneur should have and know about when starting their own business. Dropbox is an application that is very useful especially when you’re using many devices. With the use of this tool, you don’t have to save important files and documents over again as whatever you have saved in a certain device can also be accessible in another by your Dropbox.

  1. Slack

When you’re just starting to run your business, most likely, you’re working with a team or a group. One of the things you want to make sure is that, you’re able to have quick communication and easily conduct your business with them. With the used of this tool, you can easily create many chat rooms according to the topics that you’ll discuss about and send also the messages to one of the members of the team you want to have conversation with.

  1. Skype

Skype is another helpful and important tool that every entrepreneur must have. It has been very useful for connecting friends, families and couples that are separated. Also, it is such a very beneficial tool for your business because of the ability to hold audio calls and video calls for large group. It’s also very helpful when it comes in connecting customers from overseas.

  1. Trello

Do you want to maintain everything organized in your team? Then, Trello is the best app that you can use. Apart from it is free, you can easily see the tasks by using the board on Trello. Also, you can quickly assign and monitor the task of your team. Trello is easy and excellent to use for a small group or team.

  1. Asana

Asana can be one of the best tools that you can use especially if you’re just starting to build your website. It is user-friendly most especially for the beginners. Also, it helps you to work on smoothly with your web developer from abroad.

  1. WordPress

When it’s all about blogging platforms, WordPress is the best tool that you can use. It is very useful in every aspect of your digital marketing.

  1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is another best tool that you can use for a video conferencing. For those with Google accounts, this is just free. You can set for a specific time for your Google Hangouts session, however make sure that every part involved is aware.

  1. Calendly

In scheduling your calls, conferences and meetings, Calendly is an excellent tool you can use. You don’t need to worry of the email reminders regarding your schedule events as this tool is linked in your email, where you can easily share the links to those individuals that are needed to be there in your meeting.