We process an average per year of 250 million PET bottles. We mostly use the vast material that is rejected by other recycling companies, thanks to our advanced washing and grounding system, which allows us to achieve excellent quality of PET flake. We not only recycle the body of the bottle, we use the cap and label in Polypropylene  for the last Two years and since then have a good reputation in being the industry leaders in the region. I. H. IMPEX did a very successful business in the lights of your blessing, The credit of being the first importer and exporter of pulses in the region.


Quality Assurance:

It is the SERVICES in the commodity business that set apart an excellent company from an average one. Being of the oldest and the largest importer and exporters from Bangladesh we deliver on our promise of QUALITY, QUANTITY, PRICE, SOURCING and TIME. We apply substantial investments and efforts fulfilling this pledge.
This is an addition to any other international inspection agency like SGS and Bureau Veritas, as may be required by the Buyer.