Author: I. H. RAHI

The 10 Best Cities to Start a Business

Every effective business person knows that there are a lot of things involved in starting a business. From the tiniest details like the business logo to building a network, conducting market analysis, focusing on how to generate more sales and revenue and more, there seems a plethora of things to consider before you start a business. However, it is important to note that no matter how great your business is, if you cannot get it off the ground, then it means nothing. If you are looking to start a thriving business, you might want to know what are the...

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How to Be an Entrepreneur Without Quitting Your Day Job

Being a part-time or full-time entrepreneur can be the best career move you could ever do. This is because it will put you in a driver’s seat, allowing you to manage well your time, opens door for the unlimited earning opportunities and potentials a 9-5 does not allow for. But, how? How will you become an entrepreneur without quitting your day job? To help you out, read on the following: Don’t too much put pressure in yourself Do not worry too much if you’re not sure what type of business to start with. Also, do not make a mistake...

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8 Essential Startup Tools for Every Entrepreneur

If you’re just in the middle of running and launching a startup, you will probably not enjoy the availability of resources in that moment, as the tools you need to start your business are still expensive for your budget. But, there are online services, applications and tools that all entrepreneurs should have and know about. These tools can help every small business owner in many different aspects of startups. To learn more about those tools, read on the following: Dropbox This is one of the most important tools every entrepreneur should have and know about when starting their own...

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6 Ways Successful People Take Control of Life

People who are successful understand that living in today’s world is full of changes and struggles. Remember that practicing a simple habit can always assist you to prevent serious hazards. Making your own urgency in life can also help you to discover the newfound power within yourself and help you to take control the circumstances that occur in your life. Successful people do not let emergencies ruin them Successful people are fueled by the days’ urgency. When those unavoidable emergencies come in their way, it does not ruin them. It is because they handled them in the best way...

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5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do on the Weekends

If you are like most people, perhaps, you want to spend your weekends relaxing, staying at home, going out with friends or doing some fun activities. Many find weekends as a time to rest and forget the worries of work or school. While you may find weekends as a time for yourself or people you care about, take a look at the habits of the most successful business individuals during weekends. Draw out from the 5 things successful entrepreneurs do on the weekends and thrive in your career and professional life. Get Some Exercise Entrepreneurs often work from sunrise...

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