Author: I. H. RAHI

Live a Better Life by Reviewing Your Day

Life has become busy for almost everyone and in this hustle and bustle of busy life what one forgets is to evaluate whether they are progressing in the manner they plan to? While you go to sleep it is quite obvious that you will be very tired, but have you ever given some thoughts on how you spend your day and what could have been done to make it more happening? It’s true that is business there is nothing called personal, but as it’s human who runs the business successfully it is necessary that personal development is considered to...

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The Key to Successful Business

There is no denying to the fact that Innovation has always played an important role in human life, and when it comes to business, innovative ideas have helped in improving the business processes and hence the profits of the organizations have skyrocketed. Innovative ideas in business have played a major role in development of new products and services that have allured customers and have made these products a revolutionary one. Hence, even companies also encourage the environment where three is innovation and creativity. This allows the company to prosper even during bad economic times. With the help of innovativeness...

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Learning Innovation From World Leading Brands

One standard feature of leading brands and companies is their ability to change with the times and innovate their businesses for success. Google, IBM, Tesla, Amazon and Apple are some of the best ambassadors for business innovation and the results amply reflect in their growth sprouts. Innovation is not only possible for big brands, in fact, but it’s also easier for entrepreneurs to adopt innovative business practices. Innovation for an entrepreneur is simply making changes either in your business plan, product development, strategy execution and dispensation of resources in a way that will make your organization more accessible and...

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Innovative Business Concepts: Ideas for New Product Innovations

Innovative concepts for business are among the most essential things on which the ultimate success and survival of a business depend. New product innovations enable a company to come up with more technologically advanced products. It would not be right to say that the internet has provided that much necessary spark for boosting up the innovation technology in companies. The fact of the matter is that internet has reach all hooks and crannies of the world. This thing has precisely provided so much unseen opportunities to the business houses in order to come up with groundbreaking services and products...

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Business Innovation: Tips for Boosting your Creativity

Innovation and creativity are the lifeblood of business. The public likes new things that make their life happier, easier, and fuller. People have been consistently striving to reinvent themselves and be able to attract new customers. However, what should you do when you seem to be stuck without any new ideas?   Online brainstorming through LinkedIn LinkedIn has a section called “Answers”. You will be able to post a question and be answered by the LinkedIn community with different new ideas being thrown to you. If your business is proprietary and want to be creative, you can ask questions...

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