Author: I. H. RAHI

8 Lessons on How to Make a Successful Career Change

Some people are contented with the career that they have. However, there are also some who plans to change careers. Instances come when you have a career change, it may lead to success or failure. If you have the determination to make it happen, you can successfully have a career change that everyone will admire. Every career change brings lessons which will not only make you happy with your decision but will also serve as an inspiration to people who also plans to have a change of heart in terms of their career. In every change that you make,...

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How to Work ‘Smarter and Better’

Everyone has the ability to bring out his/her full potential in performing tasks at work. What is needed is to discover the best ways towards working the smarter and better way. Being smart and good is not enough. If you want to achieve something the fastest and easiest way, you need to work smarter and better. Doing more than your usual working routine will tremendously improve your performance and take you to the lead. It will always be better for your career if you are going try new things and plan to do significant ways in improving your performance...

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6 Productivity Tips From People Who Get Things Done

In this very competitive world, success only belongs to the most persevering. If you are a lazy thinker and keeps on dreaming without doing any action on the things that you want to attain in life, you might end up a loser. To avoid frustrations, disappointments and regrets in the end, you must exercise valuable tips in order to succeed on the things that you set out to do. To mention a few, the following are some of the six productivity tips from people who get things done. Consistency is the name of the game. – Katy Perry, Famous...

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How to Read Like Your Success Depends on It

Reading does many important things to a person. You can gain information learn interesting ideas or simply enjoy reading. That is the magic of reading. However, did you consider reading a lot? When we say “a lot” It means your success depends on it. Reading does not only pertain to acquiring new information. It also is the key to your success. “You have to kidding me” you will say but if you think of acquiring success, you would consider the benefits of reading. Yes, in fact it would empower you to make a change in your life and be...

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8 Ways to Lead A More Satisfying Life

Are you one of those people who feel like they are speeding up so fast? Between family, work, commitments, and responsibilities, life is very hectic and sometimes rushed. However, there’s no doubt that life is amazingly beautiful. Sometimes, all we need is a little help searching balance, which leads to a richer, deeper and a more satisfying life fulfilment. Have a positive perspective One of the most unbearable aspects of bad things, we go through is often our perspective. Maybe, trust was ruptured in a relationship, you lost your work or you have a continuous health issue. It’s very...

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