Author: I. H. RAHI

10 Effective Ways to Be More Mindful at Work

Practicing mindfulness at work can be hard especially when you’re trying to meditate on all the things that you should accomplish for the entire day. On a busy day at work, a self-help guidelines can be effective in recognizing the ways to become more productive and focused at work. Below are effective ways to help you achieve your daily goal at work and be more mindful than ever. 1. Practice short attentive exercises at work Some exercises are designed for you to be more alert while working. Using these exercises can help your mind to be at a more...

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No, You Don’t Have to Be a Morning Person to Be Successful

You are aware of the several and hundreds of people who tell that being a morning person makes them a successful person. However, this is not always the case here. There’s an increasing public opinion that you should be up early and work in order to be a successful person. A lot of great business persons of our generation swear by their morning routines and the responsibility it plays in their own success. However, there’s no need for you to force yourself being a morning person if you cannot be. There are still other many ways on how you...

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8 Tips to Avoid the Loneliness of Working From Home

Many people desire to work from home because of the freedom of not being confined in a cubicle. Well, this is a good benefit. However, freelancers tend to feel sad and lonely once in their lives. They pass and miss a lot of happy times like coffee breaks or gossips and giggles around the workplace. There are less social gatherings because they have no more time to hang out. If you are one of these lonely freelancers, you do not have to be lonely for long because here are 8 tips for you to avoid the loneliness of working...

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TED Talks: “Success is a Continuous Journey”

Success comes in many ways possible. However, it does not come when you want it but it comes when you worked hard to earn it and make it happen. Indeed, success is a continuous journey that you should never stop working on. It is a path that should never have stopovers because if you do, you might lose the success that you made happen and go back to square one. Being successful is a great achievement since you are able to make your dreams come true. But if you never want it to lose, you have to keep on...

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8 ‘Do Not Disturb Tips’ for Avoiding Tech Distractions

Technology has been considered as the national pastime of the people on today’s digital generation. It is already a big part in the daily lifestyle of the millions of people all over the world. Meanwhile, apart from the good things that it brought to individuals, it also has its disadvantages. To mention one, it decreases the productivity of a person when he or she is performing his or her work. Technology distractions are key factors why a person fails to do the things that he or she needs to finish on a specific period of time. Sometimes, you cannot...

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