You may have arrived at work dead tired from a stressful night working about making a proposal or asking for a salary increase. It has also been months since you have just had a time at the gym. And then, suddenly, you paused for a while to see how it feels like spending vacation days or having a job that offers you with empowerment, respect and flexibility.

There are times that you get tired of engaging in a conversation with colleagues wishing you could go out. Working more without spending some time in having fun only leads to burn out and tiredness. Remember that you strive for success to experience joy in life.

When reactions and daily actions stem from fear and you focus on things in life that you do not want to happen, these will bring a negative impact on your body. These will create such a division of the soul and the mind. These also sap your energy and creativity, disrupt your sense of balance and impede your pursuit of personal passion. Your morale, your productivity and your interaction with other people will also rob you of your happiness and time. Even the joy and the determination of working with a sense of self-sacrifice, of lack of control and of obligation will also be greatly affected.

With a toxic environment, people are still in the battle of job security to help support a lifestyle that they loved.

To really find your passion and your purpose in life, you must follow the four ways mentioned below:

Ask Yourself Some Questions

While some people turn to conclusions, it is a lot better to first ask some questions. These questions will enable you to the path of expansion and growth. Remember as well that conclusions will only lead you to dead ends. You need to be honest and you need to ask yourself what are those things that you are thinking. What other things are possible in life? Would you be able to love this one thing in life?

Create a Plan

Indeed, it is necessary for you to create a passion plan. In this passion plan of yours, it must consist of three things such as the companies that get your interest, job descriptions that sound really run and the specific functions to enjoy from the job descriptions. Afterwards, you must know where to exactly look and what trainings might be needed. There are companies that need to be contacted and people to be added as part of your network.

Structure your Time

You need to structure your time―40 hours on working and 20 hours outside the job. The passion plan must be created and the brand such as resume needs to be developed and refined. Consult those people around and make some calls, if necessary.

Look at the Bigger Picture

There are certain themes and patterns in life that must be clearly identified. These must have prepared you in doing something and these must already gave you a clue of what is easy and what is a struggle.

Above all, make life that is truer and better for you and not for what friends, teachers, society and family tell you!