People say that being motivated and having a positive mental outlook are highly important all the time. But the most persuasive question is, how do you stay positive in such a negative situation?

We all have different concepts of broke. For most of people, having nothing left in their wallet or bank account until the following payday is typically quite close. While for some, being broke means dealing with unfortunate events. Regardless of your situation, you need to keep positive, do your work and the rest will be okay.

Being broke is more a mental state than a real issue. If you begin looking at it that way, you can successfully overcome any stress or anxiety you have on being broke. You will be happy and have fun anyway.

How to start keeping a positive outlook?

  1. Look at what you have and be thankful about it

If you are really broke, such as living in a homeless shelter or in a car, it will be difficult for you to feel better on what you have. But if you are not, then look around. Do you have clothes to wear? Food in the refrigerator or fridge? Is your electrical energy on? If so, relax and keep in mind that lots of people out there would consider this to be a symbol of wealth. Instead of depressing yourself too much, smile happily and be thankful knowing that you and your family are taken care properly.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people and thoughts

Negativity raises negativity. It will soon be trapped in an endless phase of negativity if you continue giving into the negative ideas in your mind. To free your mind from a lot of negative things happening in your life, surround yourself with more positive thoughts and people.

  1. Don’t stress yourself about bills

Though you need to accept them since they are going to be part of your life forever, don’t stress yourself too much. Be honest with people you have a loan from and let them know when you can pay the bill. Negotiate even smaller payments to avoid bigger conflicts among your family.

  1. Do free and fun things

Why not camp out with your family in the backyard? If not, read some books from the library or watch your favorite movies. There are actually plenty of things you can do. Get on with your life without having to spend any amount of money.

  1. Remember, it is only temporary

Always remind yourself that this is only the start. You could not have all the money right now, but you cannot tell what will happen after five years. Set practical career and financial goals to add lots of character to your testament.

  1. Eat healthy and exercise

By removing yourself from the negative things around you, exercising and eating healthy foods, you can tell a huge different in your feelings and mood. Many have proven that eating healthy foods and doing some exercise are great help to release anxiety and stay positive all day long.