Practicing mindfulness at work can be hard especially when you’re trying to meditate on all the things that you should accomplish for the entire day. On a busy day at work, a self-help guidelines can be effective in recognizing the ways to become more productive and focused at work.
Below are effective ways to help you achieve your daily goal at work and be more mindful than ever.
1. Practice short attentive exercises at work
Some exercises are designed for you to be more alert while working. Using these exercises can help your mind to be at a more attentive state while improving your brain function.

2. Be physically and mentally conscious
Being mindful means you are aware of your surroundings and that you are working consciously. When you’re conscious on both mentally and physical aspects, you know exactly what’s happening around you and within you.

3. Set mindful reminders
If you keep forgetting your tasks, then setting reminders can keep you alert. At times, you can be absent-minded because of several thoughts running in your mind. Thus, daily reminders can be great help.

4. Do your tasks one at a time
As much as possible, be a single-taske4. If you’re having a hard time to be attentive at work then just do every task one4 after the other. Multitasking can make your thoughts more complicated making it more difficult for you to be mindful. You may group your tasks in category so you’ll finish them easily.

5. Be friendly with stress
Your perception about stress can affect your work performance. If you believe that stress is beneficial to you at work then it will create good outcomes but if you see it as an everyday struggle, you won’t get into your goals easily. Treat stress just like a friend and take advantage of it to do better at work.

6. Take careful and slow steps then speed up
Slow down so you can do more. By the time that you’re ready for greater challenge at work, that’s when you speed up. Slowing down can make you more resilient at work. Try it then you’ll see the result.

7. Be humble
Humility makes you calm and more confident. Cultivating humility is one way of enjoying your workplace as you don’t always have to be reminded of your achievements. Always set your feet on the ground.

8. Always be thankful
When you feel gratitude, you feel happy in any circumstances. This helps you focus on good things than the bad ones. Being thankful means that you have successfully adapted to a negative environment.

9. Set up your growth goals
Growing as an individual means a lot at work. Fix your mindset in enhancing your good qualities. Explore your talents and skills so you can become a productive every day at work.

10. Be receptive of things that you can’t change

We all have limitations and we should accept that fact. Leave those things that you can’t change. Accepting your flaws and shortcomings can make you more powerful than you were before.

There are actually hundreds of ways where you can be more mindful at work. Just believe that you can and you’re onto the competition.