Insecurity is one of the killers of self-esteem. Every individual feels insecure at one point or another, especially in particular situations. If you have this feeling, you may feel that you are not as intelligent, well-situation or attractive in life as others or as you could be.

There are also times that such feeling is well justified, and admitting that is actually psychologically healthy. If you have been confronted by some who strives for superiority, it is often normal to feel like questioning your self-worth. Nevertheless, being able to recognize that you have been manipulated into this feeling can help you overcome the problem.

When feeling insecure, the culprit is your own mind. Here, we will highlight the 4 toxic thinking habits that feel your insecurity. Recognizing these things can help combat this self-inflicting emotional pain.

  1. Thinking Everything is About You

The problem with this toxic thinking habit is that you attribute the shortcomings of people around you to yourself. You seem to personalize everything, which isn’t actually the case. Your friend is unhappy or grumpy, so you think it is something you did or didn’t do. Your boss is angry, so you assume it’s because of your poor performance. In the end, you take the deadly self-blame.

  1. Trying to Read People’s Mind

When you are insecure, you often put an imaginary judgmental thought in the heads of other people, which can make you feel even more insecure. What’s wrong with this is that you assume you know what everyone around you is thinking, and more often than not, such thoughts are always negative. This thinking habit makes you think that others are rejecting or judging you.

  1. Predicting the Future

This is a kind of negative fortune telling that’s a surefire way to feed your insecurity. It’s about predicting the worst possible result of any given event or situation, especially those with elements of uncertainty. This is a very unhealthy habit you should avoid once it starts to stop you from going out of your comfort zone or trying something you. This could also lead you to experience a fear of failure, which can sometimes paralyze you from doing what you should do.

  1. Emotional Reasoning

This is a very toxic thinking habit that will surely feed your insecurity, and is very harmful in the context of relationships. When you have this habit, you consider your feeling as a fact. You mistake feelings for reality. For instance, if you feel anxious, you assume that something bad will happen, or if you feel jealous, you think that your partner might be cheating on you.

When you continuously have these toxic thinking habits, you are less likely to have a healthy relationship with others around you. In order to combat these negative thoughts, you need to consciously act secure and confident. Accept the reality that no matter what you do or what type of person you are, not all people will like you, and most of the time, it’s not about you but them.