Being a part-time or full-time entrepreneur can be the best career move you could ever do. This is because it will put you in a driver’s seat, allowing you to manage well your time, opens door for the unlimited earning opportunities and potentials a 9-5 does not allow for.

But, how? How will you become an entrepreneur without quitting your day job? To help you out, read on the following:

  • Don’t too much put pressure in yourself

Do not worry too much if you’re not sure what type of business to start with. Also, do not make a mistake thinking to immediately come up to something that is completely original. Instead of that, you can evaluate your interests, dreams or what you’re naturally good about and from there, you can start brainstorming.

  • Make time

Time is one of the most important factors so make a time. You want to begin your own business while still employed gainfully somewhere. That means you need more time on weekends and evening. So, schedule your own time. Make it your priority, maybe at first, it is slow but when you strive to continue doing it, everything will just keep going. You need to realize that building something outside of the 9 to 5 will open- up the doors and elevate more your confidence.

  • Start small

To dream high and big is good, but when you’re just starting your business, think small. There’s always less hazard involved when you learn to start small, especially in your job. You still need to let time test out all the ideas that you have before jumping into a full-force of your new career. If you’re interested in style and fashion, the small step that you can do could be starting a profit fashion blog or opening a small online shop. Once that new project goes beyond the hobby, then you can begin researching how you can officially register that business to set-up a formal bookkeeping practice.

  • Stay inspired

When you are trying to start you own business while still employed in your day job, you need to stay inspired. How are you going to do that? There are a lot of things that you can do to keep yourself inspired. You can read literature that is something related in your passion. Or you can also study habits, practices and stories of successful entrepreneurs. This is only to inspire yourself and not to threaten you. Make them as your inspiration to continue doing your job, but don’t compare your own way of doing your job to them. Remember that everyone has different path. So, just focus to grow yours.

  • Stay Motivated

Another key factor to become an entrepreneur without quitting your day job is by staying motivated. When you keep yourself motivated, everything will be accomplished smoothly. If your interests and passion ignites within you, you need to have little extra in order to be motivated. Every interaction that you’ll make can help you to stay motivated.